Flow is the name of the game

In particular with regard to post-traumatic or post-operative swelling, the start of the healing process is delayed until the oedemas subside. Such tissue cannot be subjected to manual or mechanical compression treatments in the initial stage after a trauma. The arterial, venous and lymphatic vessel systems are affected for days; circulatory disorders and lymph drainage problems in the injured tissue can continue to exist for months or years.

But now that’s finally over. The VACUSPORT® Regeneration System reduces oedemas spontaneously and permanently. By supporting peripheral perfusion, IVT stimulates the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the wounds and leads to significantly faster wound healing and faster convalescence. Totally contact-free and pain-free for the patient.

VACISPORT® is ideal for care after typical sport injuries and significantly reduces the rehabilitation time for the benefit of the patients and their sponsors. Also ideal for accelerating rehabilitation after joint internal injury operations including endoprosthetics. The result: improvement in quality of life due to faster profound rehabilitation.

Due to the excellent effect of IVT on lymph flow, the VACUSPORT® Regeneration System is also recognised as a modern, cost-effective therapy for lymph oedemas.

Inspired by space medicine

astronaut vacusport The technological, medical and scientific origins of the Vacusport® Regeneration System lie in space medicine. In the weightlessness of the orbit the astronauts have to undergo a negative pressure treatment in an LBNPD (Lower Body Negative Pressure Device) every ten hours to avoid orthostatic complications. This is the only way to ensure sufficient blood circulation in the lower extremities in spite of a lack of gravity.

The further development of the LBNPD is the VACUSPORT® Regeneration System. The result is intermittent vacuum therapy –IVT-. Through rhythmic vessel dilatation it stimulates the flow in the lymph system, arteries and veins. At the same time capillarisation is increased. And all that completely passively. With non-mobile patients too.
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